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Welcome to Google Trivia

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 12:56 pm    Post subject: Welcome to Google Trivia Reply with quote


I am finally on my first shore tour, and after a year of standing 12 hourly watches, I decided to break some of the monotony. Bringing over the trivia contests that occur only on the darkest midwatch bridges, I've combined it with the infamous 25 cent Curse Jar and the chance to allow watchstanders to earn their money back.

Everyday on watch, I post a new Word of the Day, with the rule that the word must be used in casual conversation correctly, for 25 cents. I then post a Quote of the Day, which must have the original speaker identified, for another 25 cents (to the first watchstander to identify correctly). Lastly, I post a question of the day, which can be based upon any subject. This is worth the grand total of 60 cents (hey, its a free Coke).

NSS Forums Version:

Usually each of these three questions lasts no more than 5 minutes, and is based on whomever can get to Google first. Because its not as challenging as when asked on the bridge of a ship, the fun for me is over too quickly.

Well, no more. Its now your turn to amuse me! Every now & then, based upon no set schedule, I will provide, in its own link, either a word, a question or a quote.

Word: The word must be used correctly in a sentence and in a way that the context of the sentence makes clear the word being used.
For example: tchotchke.
Right: My mother bought many tchotchkes at the local curio shop.
Wrong: My mother bought a tchotchke.

Quote: I will provide the quote and you provide the name of the person who is most well known for using it. The person may be fictional (i.e. either the author or the character), but s/he must have a name.
For example: "When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges."
Right: Jack Handy
Wrong: The guy from SNL who did 'Deep Thoughts'.

Question: I provide the question and the person who best provides an answer, in his own words, wins. The better detailed the answer, the more likely I am to award the prize (even if a 'correct', but less precise, answer comes in first).
For example: What did a team of international scientists recently search for in Scotland, using sonar and satellites?
Right: Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster
Maybe: A fictional monster in some lake.
Wrong: Some animal.

When it comes to Question questions, I may provide the coveted award in instances where I felt a runner-up was obviously identified.

But, all Winners, to all three categories, will win the holy grail of forum awards. Yes, I am talking about the awe-inspiring . Please, don't everyone get all excited yet. You have to win it first.

But, Google Trivia (so named, because inevitably it'll be whomever first cracks the code and uses this incredible search engine first that will win) is open to everyone to post their own trivia contests. The only stipulation is that the Questioner provide an award of a minimum 25 credits.

In all cases, I am the final judge, even in member-provided contests. In most cases, though, the winner will be obvious and I will usually agree with the member who started the contest.

There is no schedule to these contests; I'll start one whenever I feel like it. Same goes for member-contests. Topics may proceed apace from the contest, just as in the Open Forum. Another hint: I suspect Clarke will probably use his Humorous Links submissions as potential contests, as will I, so a wise person will keep abreast of these posts, as knowing is even faster than Google. Wink

Have fun!
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