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SV - A Little Steamboat

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 4:25 am    Post subject: SV - A Little Steamboat Reply with quote

Doc's Steamtech tank, posted over on the CBT boards encouraged me to finish up an old design of mine, a low tech steamboat you might find on some Periphery or skid row world. Think African Queen. Smile It's not much but I think it's pretty cool.

Some Forgotten Outback World
Crucis March, Federated Suns
October 17, 3065

An angry Billy Scott tossed another chunk of wood into the firebox and sat back down at the tiller and throttle of his little steamboat, the Jenny. Billy was angry, no down right steamed about his current bunch of passengers: four men and their horses. Billy couldn’t help but chuckle over his own pun but Billy really was mad.

“dang revenuers!” Billy thought to himself. “More like %^&$#! highjackin’ pirates!”

The leader of the revenuers spoke softly to Billy, “You can drop us off about a mile up around the next bend Cleatis.” The bastard was wearing an evil grin as he turned back around to his comrades.

Billy just nodded, not wanting to speak to the bastard.

For centuries the revenuers and the bootleggers, here on this godforsaken world, had played a game of cat and mouse; which was which depended as much on who was playing the game as anything but times had changed in the last few years.

Billy looked over his little steamboat “Jenny,” built by his father and uncle more than twenty years ago. It was his pride and joy. Billy listened to the chunk chunk of the engine. That engine, a few gauges, the alternator and the electric search lights were the only parts Billy’s dad and uncle didn’t make for the Jenny. The engine was imported from Offworld, where ever that was.

Billy’s uncle had made the boiler and condenser. He was a pretty good machinist. It was a rather simply fire-tube design but it did its job well: the Jenny was one of the fastest steamboats on the bayous for five hundred kilometers; the annual steamboat races at Titusville had proved that many times. And the condenser was solid too, even though it needed the tubes punched often to clean out all the silt.

Billy turned back to the bayou and the problem at hand. Times were when a bootlegger would just watch the revenuers bust up his still when he was caught, get arrested pay his fine and just get back to business when he got home. No one pulled guns on each other, after all we’re civilized people. It was the unwritten rule: everyone got to go home. But times had changed in the last few years.

Everything started when that new, bastard of a governor arrived. The old revenuers were replaced. Some said they were forced to retire; some said worse was done to ‘em. Then the governor brought in these pirates. Bootleggers started turning up dead after that and it was a safe bet who was doing the killing, and why.

The lead revenuer pointed out a good landing spot and said “Put us off there Cleatis.”

Again Billy just nodded and slowly guided the Jenny up to the shore. Almost as quick as the boat gently pushed into the sand bar the revenuers were mounting up had spurring their horses to jump over the side, into the shallow water.

After they were off Billy opened the throttle in reverse and headed back out into the bayou’s main channel. When he was a ways out, and couldn’t see the revenuers any more, he gave the signal, one long blast on the boat’s steam whistle.

For the first time in hours Billy spoke out loud, “Good riddance.” and smiled a broad, slightly twisted, toothy smile.

Type: Billy Scott's Steamboat "Jenny"
Chassis Type: Naval Vessel (Small)
Mass: 4,000 kg
Equipment Rating: B/C-D-C/B

Equipment                                      Mass
Chassis/Controls:                             624 kg
Engine/Trans:             Steam (Wood)        448 kg
     Cruise MP:           2 / 21.6 KPH
     Flank MP:            3 / 32.4 KPH
Heat Sinks: 0                                   0 kg
Fuel: 0.14 kg/km, 1,428 km                    200 kg
Turret: None                                    0 kg
Armor Factor (BAR: 2):     None                 0 kg
                         Internal             Armor
                         Structure            Value
     Front                  1                   0
     R/L Side               1                  0/0
     Rear                   1                   0

Weapons & Ammo           Location             Mass
None                        -                   -

Crew: 1
     2,538 kg Standard

Notes: 7 Crew/Passenger Pillion-Type Seats, 3 Hand Operated Searchlights

Cost:  5,553 C-Bills, officially, but probalby much less since it is mostly hand built.

Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.
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Medron Pryde

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 12:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

very cool...I like it. Smile
Medron Pryde - A Proud Browncoat
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2007 4:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice imagination. The SUV rules really allow for some creativity.

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