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D&D Previous Campaign Final Moves

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Medron Pryde

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PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2006 5:21 am    Post subject: D&D Previous Campaign Final Moves Reply with quote


So, we finished the last campaign by killing a dragon. Yeah, he was a little guy, but he was also a nasty annoying bastard that killed one of our wizards. Thank goodness death in D&D is not as permanent in the real world and we were able to pay to get him back online.

Still, that was a nasty fight. Thank goodness our other wizard and fighter were able to finish off that Dragon. And I'm rather glad my sorcerer/rogue finished off the leader of the attack.

So, now we are a stuck with a fort that we are supposed to maintain and turn into a liveable place. Great. Just what we get for winning. *sighs* Well, considering the other option I think we're all happy.

Our no-longer-dead wizard can start doing his siege engineering weapons to his hearts content. I fear this fort will be death incarnate to any attacking force in the future. *Neryl Rylan has visions of burning things exploding and turning the entire region into nothing but flames* Ok. I think we need to do something to keep food stores safe. Not to mention the fields.

So, what with the new army that arrived, and they hopefully left a bunch of people to help with the building, we need to clean out some of those trees in the area. Push the forest back far enough that we can get a good field of vision from the walls. Use the trees we cut down to make a small outer wall to slow down enemies.

We also need to get some people here you can farm and get them to work inside the newly cleared region.

Now since the walls of the main fort are made of wood (I assume based on the GM's constant "no burning them down" warnings) we are going to need to do something to work on them. Once we start tilling the soil, we are going to find a lot of rocks. There should also be a lot of good rocks and the like down the edge of the cliff next to it.

So we need some stone masons to take these rocks and layer them on the outside of the walls. It would suck for some enemy with fire arrows to burn our new fort down. *growls* We also need to do the same for the new outer wall, though that is lesser importance to me. Only do that when we are done fortifying the existing fort. We also need to plant sticky nasty things in the dry mote. Pointy sticks with poison on them, caltrops, and any other nasty pointy trick we can think of. When that gate goes up, I want bad guys to FEAR walking into that dry mote.

As for the new outer wall, we need a mote there too. I'm thinking that should be far enough down the hill that we could route water through it though. As long as the water keeps moving. I'm not breeding mosquitos here. Either way, we need more pointy sticks and other nasty stuff installed in the mote here too. With the forest cleared out past the outer wall as well to make certain we have clear fire zones from it as well. That will obviously take a while though, so for the near future at least we will have that wall a mite closer to the trees than we would like.

For people manning the fort, we're going to need dwarves. Our standard men can keep watch over the fort and the outer wall during the day. But we'll need dwarves and gnomes and the like to keep watch at night.

With dwarves living at the fort, we'll obviously be expanding the tunnel system below the fort. First off, we WILL seal it off so nasties (like us) can't get in and steal the fort from the occupiers. Like we did. We can let the dwarves figure out out how to secure the entrance. I'm thinking a nice heavy door, but since that will be where they are living, I'm sure they'll protect it well. Smile Note that if they are expanding the tunnels, that will be more rocks for us to use in fortifying the fort and the outer wall. Smile

Yes. This will all take a while. know. We have time. And the city DID tell us to secure the fort. So dang it, we're gonna secure the bloody fort. Smile And if somebody feels like killing some bad guys, we can always send them out on patrol. hehehe

I'm sure there is more than one band of enemy warriors in the forest surrounding us and making them afraid for their life makes me happy. Smile

So...anybody else have ideas for what to do with this bad boy fort we (clears throat) inherited from the previous owner? *Neryl Rylan smiles innocently and kicks the head of the previous owner under the table*

Very Happy
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