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Describe Your Favorite Game Setting As A Movie Trailer

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Kyu Kage
NSS Moderator
NSS Moderator

Joined: 12 Aug 2003
Posts: 3947
Location: Australia

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 4:01 am    Post subject: Describe Your Favorite Game Setting As A Movie Trailer Reply with quote

Thought this might be a fun way to get people active again.

I almost put this in the 'Post Games' forum, but it's not so much a game, as a bit of fun

You can find examples for this at RPG.Net by clicking here!

Heck, I might even organise a prize for the best. But it's not a contest, just fun! 8)
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Kyu Kage
NSS Moderator
NSS Moderator

Joined: 12 Aug 2003
Posts: 3947
Location: Australia

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 4:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll start with an un-original work. This is from RPG.Net and was originally posted by 'Elemental'.

It still draws a smile when I read it!

Please note, this trailer is rated M15+ for language and violence.

Elemental wrote:
With apologies to Ethan Skemp:

Black screen.

It is a world....

Sounds of a heartbeat. Sounds of running down an alley.

...of darkness.

Open up on a deserted, messy, alleyway. A woman runs down it in blind panic. Camera falls back to show the wildly exaggerated shadows of several bestial creatures chasing her on all fours. She comes up against a brick wall. The shadows lengthen and reach towards her as she cowers....

Jonas Albrecht lands on the ground in front of her, leaving cracks in the pavement. He draws his klaive, and changes into a great big werewolf, before lunging towards the camera. Cut to black.

It is a world....

A sports car car crashes through the windows of an O'Tolley's fast food joint (and we linger long enough on it to see the logo). In speeded-up film, Jonas and Mari Cabrah get out, then there's a gratuitous slowdown as she shakes her hair loose and draws a big labrys. Jonas draws a klaive and pushes through the screaming customers to get to the counter. The staff undergo a bad CG effect and transform into fomori! With lots of tentacles!

...where the supernatural....

Evan Heals-the-Past: "I'm a werewolf?"

He looks in astonishment as his palms, which are growing hair.

Evan: "I thought that was just too much jacking off." hidden from mankind....

Establishing shot of crowds of pedestrians walking along the street. Jonas, Mari and Evan walking down the street (with weapons in plain view, to which nobody seems to be reacting).

Jonas: "We're the last, greatest hope for Gaia. The ultimate champions of the Wyrm have come forth--"

Shot of Zyzhak, a female Black Spiral Dancer in a gratuitously skimpy costume, holding a big whip and laughing maniacally as several mutated freaks grovel before her. Pull back to reveal a massive horde of Wyrmspawn assembled before her. A werwolf with strangely patchy skin walks up to her.

Zyzhak: "Sam Haight. They say a KING has arisen amongst the Garou. Dethrone him."

Sam: "Hell, yeah!"


Jonas blows up a Thunderwyrm that's sliding out of the burning ruins of the White House, with a rocket launcher. Cut to a campfire somewhere in the wilderness.

Margrave Konitzko: "You are not to reveal yourselves to mankind! The ancient laws of our breed forbid it!"

Music stops.

Jonas: "I prefer to think of them as 'suggestions'."

Music kicks back in. Rapid series of shots. Zyzhak throws Evan off the edge of a building, all the way to slam into the wall of the one across the street. Jonas advances menacingly towards a SWAT team, bullets glancing off his solid silver body. Mari, taking a shower while cleverly avoiding showing any naughty bits. Jonas in a dojo, training with his klaive. Haight charges towards Mari, the two of them leap and collide in mid-air. Jonas and Mari passionately kissing. The President's bodyguards firing volleys of bullets at a group of Banes as they materialise, to no effect. Evan running in slow motion through a burning warehouse. Mari hurls Haight through the window of the 90th storey of the Pentex HQ. Finally, Jonas and Zyzhak squaring off, as a woman cowers behind him.

Jonas: "Stand back, Gaia! I'll handle this."

Zyzhak: "Ready to die....king?"

Dramatic close-up of his face.

Jonas: "Yes."

Huge explosion fills screen.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse


Edit: How could I do a bad Werewolf trailer and leave Sam Haight out?

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Joined: 19 May 2003
Posts: 6460
Location: Port Orchard, WA

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 4:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Black screen

Super-fast close up, of something circular, pitted and silver. Camera never pulls out far enough to identify it, but travels around the surface. Just as suddenly, it flies past the object, back into the darkness.

[male voice, cracking with stress] "I tell ya man, I can't get away...I owe him the money! Every time...the money!"

Again, the super-fast close up, but this time down to the top of the same, pitted silver object. This surface is flatter, but still circular and as the camera races in for the close-up, it appears to be sitting on an expanse of feature-less baby blue. As the camera closes, it races along the rim and then speeds of it and back into blackness.

[female voice, insistent and demanding] "Damnit! What does it take! What do I have to do to get you to let me free! Money? Or is this all about luck!?"


This time the close-up returns to skimming along the baby-blue surface, many flat, featureless markings flying by too fast to comprehend. Short, swift sounds, as if structures are being passed at tremendous speeds. The camera starts to bank 90 degrees to the right, as the blackness returns.

[another male voice, more business-like, but with a hint of pleading] "Hey, come-on! This has gotta be worth something to ya! A simple trade...heck, I'll even throw in a few passes for ya? Whatcha say?"


The closeup returns, coming out of the previous turn and continuing down a near-identical side of the baby-blue field, again approaching another 90-degree right turn. Whoosing sounds continue. Camera fades out.

[First male voice, at first exhuberant and then expressing incredulous loss] "Ha-ha! That's right baby, that's right! Double Jeopardy is what I call it...double jeopardy for you! I'm so outta here! Count 'em and, no...wait, no!"


Camera returns, just as it passes two red cubed structures, with a familiar pattern of dots. The camera rises rapidly, looking back down and swirling as the altitude increases. The pattern below swirls in a counter-clockwise direction, mostly the now-familiar baby-blue, with flashes of yellow, orange and other minor colors, until it stops suddenly, perfectly centered on a very familiar board. Blinks to black.

[Voice-over] " only think its a game."

Blackness continues, as a sound of a cup of dice is heard and then the dice are spilled. Groans are heard. Picture opens again to a thimble marker hops once, twice and then on the third time lands on a familiar baby-blue panel with a red arrow, boldly marked with the word 'GO.'

Blackness returns and as the date of the movie release is flashed on-screen, the first male voice returns: "Damn thimble."
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Kyu Kage
NSS Moderator
NSS Moderator

Joined: 12 Aug 2003
Posts: 3947
Location: Australia

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 7:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another un-original work (and when I say that, I mean it's not written by me). This is from RPG.Net and was originally posted by 'Prodigal Python'.

Prodigal Python wrote:
In a world of chivalry and sorcery...

(Montage of English countryside, the court of the Sun King, a Spanish courtyard laid in the pattern of concentric circles, ending with a dark and imposing castle.)

Powerful men are about to put an evil scheme into action.

(Cut to a shadowy room containing a large table with a dozen mysterious figures sitting at it. Two of the figures stand, revealing that they are Cary Elwes and Michael York.)

York: Then the time is at hand.

Elwes: In three days, the leaders of Avalon, Castille, and Montaigne will be dead. And the huddled masses will beg us to take their place!

To save three nations will take more than armies...

(A scene of Montaigne musketeers marching in formation, their weapons gleaming in the sun.)

It will take...HEROES!

(A group of peasants begin to beam with joy as they realize their salvation is at hand.)

Peasant # 2: We're saved!

Keanu Reeves!

(Keanu appears at the edge of a hayloft, dressed in a puffy white swashbuckler shirt, tight pants, and high boots. He has a sword in his hand and speaks with an awful Irish accent as he looks down at the brute squad waiting below.)

Keanu: Top of the morning, boyos. I hope you didn't have too hard a time finding me.

(Keanu leaps from the loft towards the brutes. Naturally, the scene freezes and the camera rotates around the action.)

Ashton Kutcher!

(Kutcher's head pokes out of the rumpled blankets of a huge bed where he is romping with at least two wenches. There is an insistent knocking at the door, and a blonde wench pops her head up as well. She speaks with an atrocious French accent. Kutcher doesn't even bother adopting one.)

Wench: Mon dieu! My father!

(The door crashes in, and Johnny Depp leads a party of angry brutes into the room.)


Kutcher: My commanding officer is your father. Why does coincidence never seem to work in my favor?

(Kutcher bounds out of the bed and leaps out the window.)

Seann William Scott!

(Antonio Banderas, dressed in the robes of a Cardinal sneers at Scott, who is bound to a stake and obviously about to be burned.)

Banderas: Does the greatest scientist of his generation have any last words?

Scott: (Stiffler voice) Only that while you may immolate my body, my ideas will live on long after you and your ilk have been swept from the annals of history and that these people which you oppress will one day take up arms against you and cast you out of the halls of power and...

Banderas: Oh, SHUT UP!

And Snoop Dogg!

(Snoop is decked out in what looks like a cross between a pirate costume and a pimp suit. He stands on the deck of a ship surrounded by an all black crew.)

Snoop: Welcome aboard, [person with female dog tendancies]!

(Time for a montage! Reeves swings on a chandelier and lands feet first on a gang of thugs. Kutcher presents a flower to a blushing noblewoman at a fancy ball. Scott is lecturing to a group of middle-aged men in what appears to be an underground chamber while pointing to a diagram of what appears to be a flying machine. Snoop raises his sword and gives the command to fire the cannons as a frigate moves alongside. The montage ends with Reeves, Kutcher, and Scott standing on a hillside overlooking the evil castle from the beginning of the trailer.)

Reeves: We've got to get inside that castle.

Kutcher: Are you nuts? Take on an entire garrison? We'd need an army!

Scott: We won't need an army! We have HIM!

(The trio look back to see a man in a cloak and hood getting down off his horse. The mystery man strides forward and pushes back his hood to reveal...KEVIN COSTNER!)

Costner: An entire garrison? No sweat.

7th Sea! The magic begins Summer 2005!

What's really awful is that the only scenes that York, Elwes, Depp, and Banderas appear in are shown in the trailer.

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Medron Pryde

Joined: 26 May 2003
Posts: 4547
Location: Rochester, Minnesnowta

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 11:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Show children playing in the background with parents watching in the foreground

In a world where only death brings peace and calm

Street preachers doing their thing in obviously low-tech villages

Where the dead speak in the name of God

Show people being lined up and shot with crossbows

Where using technology is the ultimate sin and the punishment is death

A massive monster rises out of the ocean and shoots explosive shells, causing the first three scenes to explode

The cycle of death has begun again

Show scenes of several people fighting smaller monsters. Two swordsmen run through a group of monsters, slashing back and forth at them. An enchantress sends a fireball through the monsters as another sends a healing spell to the smaller of the two swordsmen. Another man throws a spiked ball into a small dragon that was swooping down to attack the swordsmen, killing it in one blow. A young girl jumps onto another monster, takes something from it, and stabs it to death before jumping away from its falling body with cherubic smile. And a blue-skinned creature steps up between the two enchantresses, looks at another monster, and rips it apart with a single move, absorbing it into his body.

Only a savior can bring peace and calm to the land

Show the healer screaming at elder priests

What happens when that savior chooses life?

Show the party fighting one of the priests and bringing him down

And slays all who stand in her way?

A rapid fire series of scenes showing the party fighting against monks and monsters, an airship flying through the air and firing missiles, small mechs marching to war, a massive frigging cannon firing at the large monster that destroyed the first scenes, and more towns being destroyed.

As long as the cycle of death continues the world will suffer

Show the party looking up at the large monster as it pulls itself out of the ocean, water dripping off its back, and looks down at them as if they were bugs

Can the sinful destroy sin for all time? Can death be defeated?

Show the party launching into battle with their previously-seen methods before fading to black

The worlds "Final Fantasy X" flash onto the screen

The ultimate fantasy asks which is more powerful. Life or death? You decide.
Medron Pryde - A Proud Browncoat
P.R.I. - The home of BattleTech Programs and files.

"Our thoughts form the universe. They are always important." R.I.P.
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Kyu Kage
NSS Moderator
NSS Moderator

Joined: 12 Aug 2003
Posts: 3947
Location: Australia

PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2005 8:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There are a few new ones at RPG.Net

You can read them by clicking here!

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Kyu Kage
NSS Moderator
NSS Moderator

Joined: 12 Aug 2003
Posts: 3947
Location: Australia

PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2005 7:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lost Demiurge wrote:

Fade in to a campfire, with a man in a duster sitting to the side of it, his face hidden in the shadows. He's talking to a young black man, wearing a vest, chaps, and a pair of six-guns.

"Gettysburg. That's where it all went to hell. Some say the injuns might know why, but they ain't talkin..."

Shot of cavalry wearing Confederate uniforms, riding out under fire, as horses scream and men shout...

"Everyone thought the North'd roll over the South, and for a while there that's just what happened..."

Cavalry falling as they charge, infantry trying a bayonet charge against withering fire, and a greycoat officer letting loose with a rebel yell, as he points his saber at the camera. Then several shots rock him in slow motion, and he falls off the horse.

There's a close-up of the officer's gray-gloved hand falling into the mud, a saber falling from loose fingers. A muted WHUMP sound, as his fingers clench, then release and stop moving.

"But when night came a storm rolled in... And somethin' got loose onto God's green Earth. Somethin' WRONG."

Shots of rolling black clouds over a temporarily calm battlefield at dusk, with the dead strewn about, both blue and gray. Lightning flashes, and the clouds form into the shape of a skull.

"And the South rose again."

Repetitive heartbeat sound. Close up of rain falling on the gloved hand, as lightning flashes, and the dead hand wiggles its fingers, reaching out and picking up the saber.

Heartbeat sound increases, as the dead officer stands in the rain, lightning flashes revealing other corpses standing up next to him. Then he points the saber, and screams in a high, unnatural voice as the dead charge.

"And the dead didn't care what color your uniform was. They only wanted to feed..."

Cut to a scene of soldiers firing wildly into lightning-illuminated shapes on the battlefield, and being swarmed by the rushing dead, as they drag the living down and the camera pulls back as they start to feast...

Cut back to the campfire. The black gunslinger is staring hard at the man in the duster. After a pause, he speaks.

"How do you know all this? Ain't no one's supposed to know about Gettysburg. Both governments made sure'a that."

Flash to a scene of men in black dusters and smoked glasses, covering over a desiccated, twitching corpse, and shooting a protesting witness.

Cut back to the campfire, as the man in the duster stands, and starts to turn.

"I was there, son."

And his face is revealed as the dead Confederate officer, slightly withered, and with glowing eyes.

"And part of me ain't never left..."

And both of them go for their guns, as the screen cuts to black, and two gunshots ring out.

And burning in from the darkness like fire through smoking black paper, the title


appears on-screen.

Erstwhile wrote:

Right. Bad movie trailer, coming right up...

Voiceover: It is a world...

(Helicopter camera flying over the hills and dales of New Zealand)

...where knights battle...for long periods of time...

(Extended fight scene of two fully-mailed knights fighting with sword-and-shield until one collapses from exhaustion)

...where there are Saxons and Celts and Vikings and, hell, let's throw some Romans in too...

(Cue Viking-type warrior. Cue Saxon-type huscarl. Cue Celtic warrior. Cue Legionnaire type dude.)

...where crop rotation techniques and land quality matter...

Beadle: "M'lord, the land quality here is poor. Spring seeding has only produced three-quarters of its expected yield. "

Manor Lord: "What's the ratio of seed sown to seed recovered?"

...where it's like tenth-century England, except where it's more like twelfth-century England, oh, and there are elves and dwarves and orcs but it's not Lord of the Rings, okay?...

Sindarin: "I am not Legolas. I am Legothiel. I am from Midgaad, not Middle-Earth."

Khuzdul: "I am not Gimli. I am, er, Gimtuth!"

Gargun: "Me not orc. Me gargun! Me got racial memory and stuff!"

...where a wound is the least of your problems...

Physician: "I'm sorry, you're dying from blood poisoning."

...and where there are no potatoes...

Serf: "Oo ar, if only we 'ad some more nutritious root crops. And better crop rotation techniques..."

...oh, and there's magic and gods and stuff too...

(Cue really bad CGI magic effects)

...where was I going with this? s***, I don't remember. Erm, root crops. Land quality. Um, gods, and, er...Oh, #$*& it. Just go see this movie. It's really authentic and simulationist and crap like that.

Fade to logo: HarnWorld: The Movie

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