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JT Investigations - Case 4: A Sense of Debt

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Jimmy the Tulip
Administrator & Lead Betatester
Administrator & Lead Betatester

Joined: 11 Aug 2003
Posts: 3793
Location: Auckland, NZ

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2004 8:12 pm    Post subject: JT Investigations - Case 4: A Sense of Debt Reply with quote

New Tonpuslic
New Star

Senator Theodore Franklin locked his office door behind him as he prepared to head home. No doubt Edna would have a casserole ready for him, after all it was Tuesday. As he turned from the door a figure stepped out in front of him. He stepped back in fright until he saw the face of the person before him then he visibly relaxed.

“This is quite a surprise. What brings you here?” Then the senator frowned. “Is everything alright?”

The female voice replied. “Everything’s just fine and it’s only going to get better”. The woman held out the gun before her.

Senator Franklin started. “Edna, what’s come over you? Put the gun down”.

“I can’t do that Theo. I’m sorry, I just can’t”.

The senators mind reeled. What was happening? Why was Edna pointing this gun at him. His vision swam for a moment and his heart raced. Then he heard a single shot.

Gradually his vision returned to focus and to his surprise he saw his wife lying on the floor in front of him. Slowly a pool of blood began to form beneath her. Then he felt the cold grip on his palm and cried out in anguish as he saw the smoking gun nestled in his hand. The sound of running boots came from down the corridor as, unseen to the senator, a dark figure slipped away into the shadows.

I stood in front of the senator, separated by the bars of the holding cell. “Senator, you have to understand…”

“I understand, Jonathon. I understand that my wife is dead. I understand that I have been accused of murdering her. I also understand that I am completely innocent!”

I sighed. If the senator was anything he was stubborn, down to the point of using my proper name instead of the usual ‘Jimmy’. “Sir, I will do my best to help you, though the evidence against you looks grim. I haven’t forgotten the help you gave me three years ago when…well, with that problem and you know that I will do everything I can. But please, I’m just one man. Don’t hang all your hopes on me alone. You have contacts, use them.”

The senator sat down on the bunk in his cell. “I have, Jonathon. Chloe Ellersley at the D.A.’s office is expecting you this morning at 11am. With her help you will find the answer that I need. I’m sure of it.”

I raised one eyebrow in surprise. “Ellersley? The assistant DA? Well, that’s certainly a good start. Her work is remarkable. Alright Senator, I’ll let you know what action we decide to take. In the meantime don’t speak to anyone before clearing it with your lawyer, Chloe or me. And take care of yourself.”

Senator Franklin smiled grimly. “I’m enjoying the hospitality of the state. What could possibly happen to me in here?”

Assistant District Attorney Chloe Ellersley smiled from behind her desk as I walked through the door, closing it behind me.

“Jonathon,” she rose and extended her hand which I promptly shook. “I’ve been expecting you. Please sit down.” She returned to her seat.

Chloe Ellersley was a striking woman. Her flowing strawberry blonde hair hung just below her shoulders and framed her exquisite face beautifully. Her piercing blue eyes and full lips added to the attractiveness that her slim, athletic figure already bestowed upon her. Her suit jacket and skirt were from BB’s, an up-market fashion boutique in the heart of the city and the cut accentuated her figure and the fullness of her breasts. Yes, I found Chloe Ellersley attractive in the extreme and, unfortunately for me, she knew it.

“Mank you very thuch”,. I stammered as I fell into the chair opposite her. I cleared my throat and took a calming breath before carrying on. I could see the playful look in her eyes already. She was enjoying this. “Well…um….the Senator said we could do it…I mean, the job, uh, his case and, um, please call me Jimmy.”

There was that damned devilish smirk. “Alright then, Jimmy. Yes, I can help you with the Senators case. I’ve already cordoned off the corridor leading to the Senators offices. No one has been in there since the emergency team left last night. I left strict instructions with the guard not to admit anyone except you or me.”

“Great, I’ll get off then…Be! Be off then!” I had to get away from that annoyingly alluring smile before I said something truly stupid.

Chloes smile broadened. “Great! I’ll finish up here and meet you there in about half an hour.“ She leaned forward and there was that cheeky smile again. “By then you’ll be able to show me what you’ve got.”

“I…you…yes. Bye.” Damn. Too late. I shot out the door.


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Jimmy the Tulip
Administrator & Lead Betatester
Administrator & Lead Betatester

Joined: 11 Aug 2003
Posts: 3793
Location: Auckland, NZ

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2004 12:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part 2

I nodded in greeting to the guard as I flashed my identification and ducked under the police tape. Ahead the corridor turned to the left and I rounded the corner I could see the crime scene. The give aways were the chalk marks on the floor and the dried blood stain where Edna Franklin had died. There were marks on the floor approximating where the Senator had been standing.

I had brought little gear with me. An IR scanner would have been less than useless after all this time and the corridor had been so frequently used before the incident that a DNA sample detector, or sniffer, would have blown a fuse with all the samples present. My most useful tools here would be my eyes and my mind, and the case with my dusting tools and sample containers.

Daylight flooded into the corridor from the large windows running the corridors length. I knelt down in a patch of sunlight next to the place where Edna fell. There was little to see. The white chalk outline, the blood stain…and some small yellow flecks of powder lying atop the dried blood. What did we have here? I retrieved a sample container from my bag and, after donning some latex gloves, proceeded to scrape some of the contaminated blood into it. Putting the container carefully back in my case I stood up and moved over to the foot marks of the Senator. The emergency crew and security had trampled over the area pretty good last night but just maybe…yes, right there! A few flecks of what appeared to be the same yellow powder lay on the floor near the marks indicating where the Senator stood. I collected as many as I could find and place them in a container also.

Curiosity had gripped me so I made my way down to the Senators office. The door had been unlocked by security for our investigation. Walking through the door and into the Senators office I had to pause for my eyes to adjust to the dimly lit interior. The drapes were drawn across the windows though enough light filtered through for me to find my way around. I flicked on the main light, not wanting to disturb any possible evidence.

The office was well appointed with a solid wooden desk, a leather office chair behind it and two comfortable looking armchairs in front. A two seater couch in the same design as the armchairs rested beneath the drapes covering the large but single window in the office. Before the couch stood an occasional table supporting a pot plant.

The Senator had left his desk tidy and it took me only a minute to ascertain that the only things on his desk were government documents, something I definitely didn’t want to read. I slid open the drawers of his desk. The top drawer held the usual array of stationary, but when I opened the second draw I found, to my shock, a resealable bag containing yellow powder.

I knew the Senator too well to believe this was his. Just a year and a half ago he lead a successful anti-drug campaign that made the sentences for convicted drug dealers much harsher. I refused to believe that he would get caught up with some drug himself. I had to get this stuff analysed before I made any rash decisions.

I placed the bag in a separate container and stood to leave. Just as I turned toward the office door I saw Chloe standing there watching me.

“So I was quicker than I thought.” She commented. “What have you got Jimmy?”

Now we were on the case neither of us had time for games. It was all seriousness trying to prove the Senators innocence.

“Something very strange. I’ve seen a lot of the types of drugs dealers are peddling on the streets but I don’t know what to make of this.” I withdrew the bag I’d found in the Senators desk. “What do you think?”

Chloe didn’t take the bag but leaned forward, inspecting it. “Could be one of these new generation hybrids that are rumoured to be out there. Honestly? I don’t know. But the lab boys should. Anything else?”

I frowned. “Not yet. Once we’ve analysed the powder I’ll put the sequence into my sniffer and do a full sweep of this place. With some luck it’ll sniff out a lead or two for us.”


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Jimmy the Tulip
Administrator & Lead Betatester
Administrator & Lead Betatester

Joined: 11 Aug 2003
Posts: 3793
Location: Auckland, NZ

PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2004 10:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part Three

The cowled figure stood in the shadows opposite the offices of the Senate and watched as the investigator and the assistant DA left the building and proceeded to their cars. The figure raised it’s left arm and spoke into a communicator strapped to it’s wrist.

“They have left the building, my Lord, and are splitting up. Do you wish me to follow one of them?”

The communicator crackled to life. “I know not who this man is but I don’t like interference. Take him out. We can continue to keep an eye on our dear Miss Ellersley”

The cowled figured looked at the woman as she departed. “Thy will be done, my Lord.”

I almost fell into my chair when I got back to the office. The lab boys said it’d take a few hours to analyse the powder that I found. Chloe was talking to the Senator about our discoveries. Until the results came back I just didn’t know what to tell him. I was pondering this over a hot cup of coffee when the door opened.

A cowled figure stood framed in the doorway. I knew instantly this wasn’t good. It was a fine day so the only reason for the cowl was to hide his or her identity. The stranger spoke then in a strong male voice.

“You were at the Senators office today. Is this correct?”

This guy had been following me. I decided to play it cool. “I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are or what you’re talking about.”

The man spoke again. “You are lying. I followed you from his office.”

I was getting annoyed with this guys time wasting. “Then why ask? What is it you want, exactly?”

The stranger proceeded into my office his arms ready as if anticipating a fight. “I want for nothing. My Lord, however, wants your death therefore I must kill you.”

With lightning speed the stranger flew forward at me. With one deft sweep of his hands my mahogany desk was brushed aside and slammed into the wall. That was no lightweight desk. This guys strength must be frightening.

I leapt from my chair, intent on regaining the initiative and slammed a side kick into his midriff with my right foot followed by a heavy jab to the face with my left fist. He just brushed them off like I was nothing more than an annoying insect. But I learned one thing fro this exchange. He was solid. My foot ached where I had connected with his torso.

Before I could respond his right fist flew with tremendous force into my stomach. I felt my legs go weak and my eyesight blur as the air was blasted from my lungs. Hands wrapped around my throat in a vice-like grip and I was pushed back against the wall. I flailed at his arms and kneed and kicked my assailant but all to no avail. I could not loosen his grip and in a few moments I would be dead. I relaxed and took one last long look into the cowl. Two cold black eyes stared back at me, unblinking. The grip tightened and my vision grew dim, a buzzing noise started to sound in my head.

The grip on my throat suddenly, inexplicably, loosened. The hands of my assailant dropped as he fell away from me to land, stiffly, on the floor. I too dropped to the floor, gasping for air and unable to hold myself up. I looked up and saw another figure standing at the door with some kind of weapon in her hands. I recognised this woman from somewhere but couldn’t recall exactly where or when.

She spoke as she slowly approached the fallen man. “Don’t be afraid, Mr Temerity. I mean you no harm. I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner.”

I found my voice and replied, “I’m glad you got here when you did, Miss…?”

The woman smiled. “As am I. It is a pity I had to destroy him. He would have been a fine example of our efforts to bring the fallen back into the fold.”

I frowned at this. “I don’t understand. The fallen? Is he part of some kind of religious cult?”

This time she chuckled softly. “I wouldn’t call us a cult, exactly. Mr Temerity…Jimmy…you once helped me to gain my freedom, though you never knew exactly how and, though I have now repaid that debt here today, I would ask of you yet another favour.”

“What? How did I…”

She held up her hand to stop my rambling. “You will have to trust that what I say is true, Jimmy. More of my brethren are in peril and we need you to help them the same way you once helped me. This time, though, you will have our help.” Before I realised what she was doing my saviour reached into the cowl of the dead man and, to my amazement pulled off his face! Beneath the cowl was a tangle of circuits and wires. “There is evil at work on your world, Jimmy. This unit was made with no knowledge of the Three Laws. It is intended for one thing and one thing only. Killing. The people who are behind this must be stopped before there are too many of these monstrosities to stop them. If we fail your world will fall. Will you help us, Jimmy?”

My mind was reeling from this revelation. Robots that could kill. I’d encountered this before and dreaded the thought that haunted my mind. It suddenly struck me then. This woman who had saved my life was someone that I thought I had once condemned to a life of servitude. This was Gloria Hanmer!

“Gloria! How could I have forgotten!” A smile sprang to my face. “Of course I’ll help you but, the Senator needs my help too. How is he involved in this?”

“He’s not. Whatever power is at work here is using him to draw public attention, especially the media, away from their activities. I don’t know where they are but I know they are not operating in New Tonpuslic. We have to move. They will start looking for him so it’s not safe here. Come with me.”

I got to my feet. “Ok, but just give me one minute to get some stuff. There’s a few people I know who will be able to help us out…”


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