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Serenity Campaign Information

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Medron Pryde

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PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2006 12:46 am    Post subject: Serenity Campaign Information Reply with quote

Copied from Data in e-mail and placed here for reference

Money (told you I'd work on this some time):

Consignments (for both external containers):
Short haul: 500cr
Long haul: 800cr

Passengers, Standard Class:
Short, popular haul: 10cr
Short, unpopular haul: 50cr
Long, popular haul: 35cr
Long, unpopular haul: 100cr

Passengers, Luxury Class:
Short, popular haul: 50cr
Short, unpopular haul: 100cr
Long, popular haul: 250cr
Long, unpopular haul 500cr

Popular lines have far more available passengers, but also far more competition. Rates listed are 'standard': charging less will tend to get you more passengers, although your reputation and other luxuries are more important.

Port, Outer Rim: 100 cr + 50cr per day.
Port, Core World: 500cr + 100 cr per day
Fuel, Outer Rim: 250 cr
Fuel, Core World: 100 cr
Fuel cost is increased by x1 for a long haul or each Fast Burn used.
So a long haul with two Fast burns would be x4.

Repair parts: varies per haul, averages about 2/5 of the fuel cost.

Value of cargo: minimum 10,000cr.
Insurance: short haul 200 cr, long haul 400cr.
If you ever decide to get load insurance, just let me know...

What you'll tend to be fighting...

Non-combatant: Attack d6, Defend d6
Average 'can fight if pressed' person: Attack: d6 + d4, Defend d6 + d4
Average beat cop: Attack d6 + d8, Defend d6 + d4
Average street tough: Attack d6 + d6, Defend d6 + d6.
Basic Professional: Attack d8 + d6, Defend d6 + d6.
Average Professional: Attack d8 + d8, Defend d8 + d6
Expert: The sky's the limit

The guys you fought on the in the last battle were Basic Professionals (they fought for a living, but didn't have any real training in it). For the Atabeg, the people that walk around keeping order for his district are Average Beat Cops, the guy who the driver showed his ID to in order to get past the wall into the palace would be a Basic professional, and the guards who took your weapons and stay in the scenery when you talk to the Atabeg would be Average Professionals or better.

Just to give you an idea of what you tend to go up against. Smile
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